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Where can I find a description of available housing options?

Where do I get a laundry card?

If this is your first time moving into housing, you should get a laundry card with your keys.  If you don't get one, the Superintendent should have one.  That's Dave in Greenberg Hall (office located near the elevators) and Angel in Vilcek Hall (office located in same building, same floor as Student Health)

How do I make a maintenance request?

In Vilcek, head to the guard station by the entrance. Ask for a maintenance request slip.

Where can I workout?

The basement of Vilcek has a weight lifting room and a cardio room. They require keycard access.

How can I get a guest pass?

Email Student Housing at and request a guest pass. They will send you a form to fill out and return to them. They will approve it and email it back to you. Your guest will need to present this pass along with ID to get into Student Housing facilities.

What is the sublet policy?

How can I report broken gym equipment?

Tell your class rep, or someone on the Student Council Gym Committee.

Curriculum and Clerkships

What is AOA?

It is the only national medical honor society in the world. Election to AOA is a

distinction that accompanies a physician throughout his or her career. Induction is based upon academic performance as measured by a point system that takes into account pre-clinical and clinical scores, as well as extracurricular, community, and research involvement.  Up to 1/6th of the graduating class may be elected.

How does the C21 Curriculum Work? What are the graduation requirements?

The curriculum stages and graduation requirements are located here:

How does the 3-Year Curriculum Work?

What can I do with my first-year summer?

What is a clerkship palette?  Which one should I choose?

A clerkship "palette" is essentially the order of core clerkships and elective blocks that a student will take during Stage 2 (Clerkship Year) of the C21 Curriculum.  There are several schedules to choose from.  At the end of Stage 1, students will be able to express their preference for a particular schedule via a lottery system.  Reasons for choosing a particular palette could include scheduling elective time around an important family event or ending with a rotation of particular interest.  Students have different philosophies about which palettes are best.  

Is pre-clinical coursework really pass/fail?


How do grades work during clerkship year?

Clerkships and Selectives -- Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail

Electives -- Pass, Fail

How do I get my Tisch, VA, and Bellevue IDs?

You will be receiving an email from Laura Srebnik in the fall of your second year. She will walk you through the process. Your NYU Med ID works for all hospital buildings at the Langone Medical Center. Bellevue and the VA each require their own IDs.

How do I get access to the electronic medical record systems at Tisch, VA, or Bellevue?

You will be receiving an email from Laura Srebnik in the fall of your second year. She will walk you through the process. For Tisch, it is easy. For Bellevue, it is slightly more involved and will require waiting in a line. For the VA, it is long and arduous and will likely require multiple trips to the hospital, various administrators in various offices, and unclear rationale for why the process takes so long.

What is the offsite rotation policy?

You must confirm your offsite rotation with the NYU Med Registrar's office to ensure that you receive credit for your away rotation. See "How do I arrange an away rotation" on tips for applications to away institutions.

How do I arrange an away rotation?

You will be receiving an email from the NYU registrars office (likely Lori Hammonds) in the spring of your 3rd year with information about how to log on to VSAS, the Visiting Student Application Service. VSAS is an online application service for many of the institutions you will want to apply to. As soon as you know you want to visit another institution, start completing your application. In some cases you will need to have letters of recommendation written (e.g., UCSF). In all cases you will need to get your health forms in order, which requires working with Student Health Services, which at times will be overwhelmed with student form requests. Sometimes, institutions will also require health information that NYU does not already have on file, in which case you will have to take some tests or call past doctors you may have had, processes that take time and extend the application process. For some schools, acceptances are rolling. For these schools, the earlier you get your applications in the better. For all schools, you'll want to get your application in by April or May at the latest in order to be considered for summer and fall spots. Rotations through October fill the fastest, as interview season starts in November.

Where can I find my clerkship grades and shelf exam scores?

Generally, ALEX ( in, head to the tab corresponding to your clerkship, and then click on the navigation link "Grades and Comments". Your shelf grades and comments will be listed by date after you have finished.

Where do I find my scrub code?

Head to ALEX ( Click on the MedEd Resources Tab and then the "Student Access Information Tool" link in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

How do I get a new white coat?

Head to the 4th floor of Tisch. The place to exchange white coats is across from the patient elevators.

How do I add/drop an elective?

Visit the Office of the Registrar on the 6th floor of Greenberg Hall.


Student Affairs

Where can I practice music?

There is a music room on the second floor of Vilcek. There is a brand new piano in this room.

How can I check out a school bike?

Contact the current bike share rep,

How do I join a club?

Anyone can attend any club meeting. There is no way to "join" clubs. If there are one or more clubs that you are particularly interested in, get to know the current leadership and then apply for a position [in the spring of your 1st year].

How do I get reimbursed for club expenditures?

Make sure your expenditures are approved as part of your club's event. Then, get a line-item receipt for every charge you wish to be reimbursed, including tip. On org-sync, log in to your club's portal, go into the "Treasury" and the appropriate budget. There is a button for "request payment." Enter your information, including an address for the check to get mailed.After you submit your request, print the confirmation page, attach the receipt and drop the form in the gray box on the sixth floor of Greenberg hall. You will receive a check in about 2 weeks.

How do I reserve a room for club meetings?

Head to Log in with your kerberos ID. Follow the instructions for requesting a room from there.

Where do I find useful telephone numbers?

Office of Registrar: 212 263-5291

Bellevue Operator: (212) 562-4141

Tisch Operator: (212) 263-7300

VA Operator: (212) 686-7500

MCIT: (212) 263-6868

Where can I get discounted movie and other tickets?

Ticket Xpress Box Office

Currently Located:

545 First Ave, Greenberg Hall, Ste. #6E

Current ticket listing recording: (212) 263-2899

Ticket Xpress Box Office telephone: (212) 263-3028

What is the Club Fair?

It's an event at which each club sets up a table and informs interested students about their activities and how students can get involved with these club activities.

What is the NYU Free Clinic?


For a thorough technology-at-NYU FAQ, click here:

How do I print at NYU?

Download and install the Pharos print software. When you print, selected "Coles 201 Printer," even if you are printing in Vilcek Hall. Enter your Kerberos and send to printer. x

Go to printer station.  Enter Kerberos and print.

Who do I contact if I encounter printer trouble?

For the Vilcek Printer, email

How can I request access to a blocked website or internet service?

Where can I download free computer software or mobile apps for free?

Some of the available titles: Adobe Acrobat Pro X, MCIT Cloud Drive, Dreamweaver CS5,

EndNote x6, FileMaker Pro 12, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, MatLab, Office 2007,

Photoshop CS5, RedCap, SPSS, Velos,133&multi_layout=1

What mobile app subscriptions are available through NYU?

How do I set up iTunes U?

Log In to ALEX.  Navigate to the course in which you wish to access videos.  Click the

iTunesU tab on the left side of the screen.  

What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is a digital container for items that help NYU SoM track your academic

progress and professional development.  Here you will find your pre-clinical course

grades, a place to upload POM assignments, and formative reflections.  By the end of your four years, the ePortfolio will serve as a rich source of information about you that will help inform the Deans as they write letters on your behalf to residency programs.  To access your ePortfolio, log on to ALEX.  The link is on the welcome page.  

How do I configure my phone/tablet to get NYU email?

Accessing Your Email:,84&multi_layout=1

How many NYU email addresses do I have?

When you become a student at NYU SoM, you will be given an

address linked to your Kerberos ID, which is powered by Gmail.  For security reasons, you will not use this email at the medical center.  You will also receive several medical center email addresses which all go to the same place:,,,

How do I access the MCIT Help Desk?


Via telephone: 212.263.6868


How do I get to Bobst Library?

Download TransLoc to see all NYU shuttle routes

The E shuttle travels from NYU Med to Bobst

For a full list of stops:

How do I get to HJD?

HJD is located at 17th St and 2nd Avenue. Nyu Hospital For Joint Diseases, 301 E 17th St, New York, NY 10003.

How do I get to Gouveneur?

There is a bus that leaves from the front of Bellevue every hour from 9am to 4pm during the week:

What is the school travel reimbursement policy?

The policy, and other important policies, can be found on ALEX. Click "MedEd Resources," then "Schoolwide Policies and Procedures."

Lifestyle / First Year Questions

What are the good local grocery stores?

Fairway Market at 30th St. and 2nd Ave. is the best nearby option. Gristedes (29th St. and 2nd Ave.) and Morton Williams (23rd St. and 2nd Ave.) are OK alternatives. Trader Joe's is a better option. The closest one is at 14th St. and 3rd Ave. by Union Square.

What's FreshDirect? Will they deliver to the dorms?

Fresh Direct ( is another great option for groceries. Food ordered online is delivered within a day, or can be scheduled up to a week in advance. It's relatively inexpensive and offers great meat and produce. It can be delivered to NYU dorms, but someone must be available to receive the delivery. The NYU guards will not accept FreshDirect orders.

Financial Aid

How can I can I access my Financial Aid information? > click on "Albert" > click on "Student Center" > Click on "View Financial Aid" or "View Bursar Account". "View Financial Aid" shows you what loans you may need to "accept/decline" or that you have been awarded. "View Bursar Account" takes you to a portal for the management of your NYU tuition and related bills.



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